etbloat is a mod for the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Its goal is to add fun features to the legacy mod, the latter being developed by the ET: Legacy team.

If you are interested in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, you are invited to download the base game from the ET: Legacy website.

About etbloat

The game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released in 2003. It was originally available as a freeware, but it was open sourced in 2010. The game is still actively developed by the ET: Legacy team. The ET: Legacy project consists of three parts: a client, a server and a mod, the latter being called legacy. The legacy mod contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements over the original base game, but the general idea is that the game behavior and mechanics should not be altered.

Over the years, many mods have been developed, based on the official SDK (which was not released under a free software license). The numerous code bases have diverged a lot and don’t include the improvements made in the legacy mod (in term of features, bug fixes and source code improvements). Most of these mods are closed source, but some of these have been open sourced, like ETpub and Jaymod. These mods added many features such as double jump, new weapons or changing how existing weapons work. These features are not fit for the legacy mod. Today, the legacy mode is one of the only open source mods still being actively developed (ETJump development is still active, but it is based on the original SDK).

etbloat was born with the goal to add similar features back to an actively developed and open source code base.

The project is still young and etbloat currently adds few features compared to what is available in other mods.

Implemented features are described on the features document from the Git repository.


You can check etbloat Git repository on GitLab.

Development heavily uses Git rebases onto the upstream ET: Legacy repository. Note that new commits will be edited during development and that history may not be preserved.


Like the legacy mod, etbloat requires at least Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory version 2.60b, or later. You are encouraged to download the latest ET: Legacy client and server instead of using the original game.

etbloat is expected to support ET: Legacy's client and server on both Windows (x86 and x86-64) and Linux (x86, x86-64 and aarch64).

Support for macOS and Android is not planned at this time.

Also, please note that etbloat will not support a platform that is not actively supported by the ET: Legacy project.


Only unstable builds are available at the moment. These builds are not thoroughly checked and may be completely broken. Use at your own risk.